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Sterling Motorwerks specializes in mechanical repairs of European cars such as Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini and Volvo. Our expertise and quality partscan keep your foreign car running the way it was originally intended.

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At Sterling MotorWerks, you can expect the best in specialty service. Our licensed technicians have numerous specialty certifications and treat every car with extreme care. Auto enthusiasts bring their babies to Sterling for everything from routine maintenance and winter tires to specialized performance enhancements. We are Bosch and ASE certified. If you own a German car, it pays to bring it to the experts who understand the German mind and more importantly your German car.


Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance and consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear, and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without "pulling" to one side). A camera unit is attached to a specially designed clamp which holds on to each wheel and communicates it's physical positioning with respect to the other camera units to a central computer.


Late for work and the car won't start because you left an interior light on by mistake? A car battery's main function is to store electrical energy for starting the car and operating devices when the engine is not running. The battery is constantly being discharged every time you start the car and recharged by the car's alternator when you drive. These actions take their toll on the life of the battery, however. At SMW, we can test your battery, provide maitenance and can replace if needed.


Your brakes are the most important safety system on your car. They also are the most used and therefore need the most service. The braking system on your German car has been meticulously engineered to provide longevity and excellent performance. Dont take them to the "chain" shop and get the same service as "your father's Oldsmobile". Get them repaired by experts that know the difference between a passing grade and an "A" on brakes.


Getting the power from that finely crafted engine and transmission to the ground where it matters is job of the driveline. Those axles, CV joints, differential assemblies hubs and bearings all need to work in harmony for your car to go down the road smoothly. We often see vehicles that have been serviced elsewhere resulting in noise or vibration complaints. We can give you options on how to get your Quattro system back to manufacturer's specified operating condition.

Electrical System

That annoying warning light that's lit up on your dash? ABS braking systems, supplemental inflatable restraint systems and stability control systems. Today's vehicles have extremely complex electronic systems, all of which work together to protect you and your passengers. Diagnosing and repairing these systems is one of the most difficult and demanding tasks a technician faces. Let our experienced, factory certified technicians figure out and repair the problem with your car.


When you need an operation, do you want the doctor who is just starting to learn working on you, or would you prefer to have the most knowledgeable, experienced surgeon perform your operation? Well, the same thing holds true for the technician working on your car. When you come to Sterling MotorWerks, you are getting the top two technicians in Vermont. Trust us with a whole range of major and minor engine diagnosis and repairs, right on up to complete rebuilds if that's what is needed!


Exhaust systems on new automobiles are far more complex and expensive than you may remember, but they can last the life of the vehicle if serviced properly. We often hear of people getting un-necesary exhaust work done at chain repair shops that specialize in cheap, non stainless steel replacement parts that will last a year or two at best. Let us check your exhaust system and recommend realistic, high quality repairs. Performance exhaust installation is also available.


Heat that doesn't heat. Air conditioning that doesn't cool. Defrosters that can't keep the windows clear. There are many reasons why your heater might not work or your air conditioner blows warm air. Perhaps your heater core/coil is leaking antifreeze and needs to be replaced? Or the compressor in your air conditioner isn't turning, has bad switches/ fuses, broken wires, a broken fan belt or a seal failure? Rest assured, our service technicians are specially trained to repair today's air conditioning and climate control systems.


When you go look at buying a used vehicle (whether it's from a private party or a car dealer), your first question is always, "What does it need?" Here at Sterling Motorwerks, we offer something other places don't: a complete "before you buy" vehicle inspection. And it only costs $89.95, which is money well spent in protecting yourself from buying another person's problem car. Let the proffessionals at SMW give you piece of mind in the used car you are considering.

Scheduled Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your car in top-notch condition, nothing beats scheduled maintenance. Each vehicle has its own set of rules when it comes to changing oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc. Transmission fluid changes not done properly could have leaks; let our ASE Master Technicians do the job right. Some VWs need a special 36mm socket just to remove the oil filter and Audi's all-wheel drive systems are complex, requiring regular service to ensure long life and maximum effectiveness.


Suspension is the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. Suspension systems contribute to handling and braking while also keeping you reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps and vibrations. German cars have very precise suspension that must be serviced in a precise manner. Keep your Audi, Mercedes etc. feeling like new with quality suspension repairs. We are VERY PICKY about what parts we will put on your suspension.


Steering system problems often result in a "pull", "dart" or a crooked steering wheel. These same small issues can do serious damage to your tires and make your car unsteady on the road. Snowy conditions are even worse for a car with steering issues. We can thoroughly check your steering system for mechanical issues. We are also well versed in the electric assist power steering systems found on many recent foriegn and domestic vehicles. Let SMW check your rack and pinion, tie rods and tie rod ends for damage from the everpresent pot holes.


Snow, ice, dirt, interstate and performance - we can recommend the right tire for your every need. We sell all the major brands of tires such as Michelin, Nokian, Hankook, Uniroyal, Vredestein, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop and many others. We have the proper equipment to mount your new tires on many styles of rims including low profile and lipless styles. We also can handle your tire pressure monitoring systems properly. When the tread on your tires gets thin you run the risk of hydroplaning and unwanted punctures.



Automatic transmissions are one of the most expensive components in your car. Why would you let a "Quicky Lube" type of shop anywhere near it? Most transmissions have very specific servicing procedures that require special tools and fluid. SMW has those tools and parts plus the electronic equipment needed to assess your transmission concern or fault warning light. Manual transmission issues like clutches, bearings, or shifting linkage are also easily taken care of by our ASE Master technicians.

State Inspection

SMW is an official Vermont State Inspection. All of your safety and emmission systems are thoroughly checked and tested. Inspection fee is $35. Vermont safety inspections are due once a year for each vehicle and there is NO grace period after the first year of registration. Did you know you can renew your registrations online? It's fast and easy. Just visit the Vermont DMV here.


Enhance your driving experience with Sterling MotorWerks - we know performance. Our sole mission is to engineer the highest quality tuning solutions for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles to ensure the ultimate driving experience. Sterling MotorWerks brings race technology to the street, giving your mainstream automobile an exotic car experience. Unleash your vehicle’s true potential with our performance-enhancing brake, suspension, driveline, and engine products.

Emergency Towing

At Sterling MotorWerks, our first priority is to keep you safe. If you are in need of emergency towing services, please contact Priority Auto at 802.862.1168.

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Want to connect with other foreign car enthusiasts? Let Sterling MotorWerks steer you in the right direction! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more tips and tricks about your vehicle.

Friends of Sterling

We have mucho respecto for these other foreign car specialists in our area.


Sterling MotorWerks was founded in 2010 by Scott Leister and Mike Dye, two veterans of the Vermont automotive repair scene. Both are master certified by the Automotive Service Excellence organization and factory trained in Audi, Volkswagen and Saturn car lines. Their tenure in the dealership environment has taught them clearly what vermonters expect from a car repair facility.

Sterling Motorwerks puts the honesty and integrity back in the auto repair business. Mike and Scott take pride in being able to provide manufacturer specified levels of service for a fraction of the cost of the dealerships. Their diagnostic abilities and experience has earned the respect of other repair shops in the area as well as Audi of America in Mike's case. Mike was rated in the top ten Audi technicians nationwide in 2005 by AOA and holds the presigious R8 certification for service technicians. Sterling Motorwerks will provide you with the service you expect without the hassles you don't.


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    Scott Leister


    Scott Leister, a native Vermonter, has been practicing the art of advanced vehicle diagnosis and repair since 1993. He is factory trained in both the Volkswagen and GM's Saturn brands. He has achieved top level status in training and performance for both brands as well as being an ASE certified Master Technician. A recent empty nester, spends most of his free time skiing, sailing or burning up the roads of New England in his modified Mazda Miata. At work he has been focused mostly on business operations but can be found out and around the shop most every day.
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    Mike Dye


    Mike Dye was born in NYC and moved to VT in 1997. He started in the automotive field in 1993 and has been an ASE Master Technician since 1995 and Level 1 Advanced Engine Performance Certified since 1997. Mike has worked for Honda, Acura, Saturn, Volkswagen and Audi dealerships, as well as an independent Porsche specialist. He has completed over 125 Audi training courses and served as the Shop Foreman at the local Audi dealership. Mike won the prestigious Audi Technician Challenge, becoming the United States Champion in 2005. He has consistently been a top 20 North American Audi Technician since 2003.
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    Phil St Amour


    Phil St Amour, also known as "Chico" has 20 years experience in the automotive industry. He has spent most of his career in the parts and service front counter area. A native of Burlington, Phil has intimate knowledge of what our climate and streets can throw at your car. His experience spans many brands such as Chevrolet, Saturn, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. We are thrilled to have his help and personality at the front end of Sterling Motorwerks.
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    Rob Schwartz


    Rob Schwartz has been a car enthusiast since his first Porsche Matchbox. He’s worked with cars in Vermont since selling the first-generation Audi TT and VW’s New Beetle when they first hit the market back before Y2K. Rob’s put hundreds of new Audis, Volkswagens and Hondas on Vermont’s highways and byways and couldn’t be happier than to be part of the team that keeps them out there.
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    Chad Denton


    A Vermont native and all-round nice guy joined Sterling Motorwerks in the fall of 2013. He received his original automotive schooling at Pennsylvania School of Automotive Mechanics. Since then he has amassed a formidable set of credentials on many brands including Saab, Volvo, Nissan, Infinity and Subaru. Chad is a true team player that really shines here at SMW and we are very lucky to have him on our staff.
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    Jason Eastman


    Another VT native who somehow manages a Brady Bunch style clan when he is not here practicing his scientific skills on German cars. Jason has spent 15 years working and learning at Washburn’s Service Center in Richmond under the wing of the legendary Barry Washburn. While with Barry he gained a very good understanding of the interesting world of Porsche automobiles not to mention tons of Audi and Volkswagen experience. Jason’s interesting fact – he’s way into beautiful salt water reef fish tanks!
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    Cody Nichols


    Cody, another Vermont native, came to Sterling Motorwerks with a varied and valuable resume in the automotive industry. With an extensive background in truck diesel and metal fabrication, in addition to German electric system diagnosis and repairs, Cody makes a great addition to our team. When not here, Cody works way too hard keeping his extended family on the road as well as fighting fires as a volunteer emergency responder.
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OUR Reviews

  • To those of you in the area who own Volkswagens or Audis: We had a crisis with our TDI last week and the VW dealer was telling us that we were looking at a massively expensive repair (we're talking around $5,000). Knowing that I could just be digging myself a deeper financial hole, I took a recommendation from a mechanic that I trust and paid $85 to have the car towed from the VW dealer to Sterling MotorWerks in S. Burlington. They got the car in within 24 hours, ran diagnostics, completed the work successfully and charged $285 (this included a quarter tank of Diesel). It's hard to find garages that you can trust but these guys, by simply being honest, earned a customer for the life of our VW and any future German cars that we own. I highly recommend using them.

    Alex Nief


  • Phenomenal customer service! I highly recommend Sterling. First off, let me say that I know almost nothing about cars. So I could easily be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous mechanic. But Sterling is more than just the good customer service of simply being fair and honest. They went above and beyond for me! First, the amount quoted for a recent repair was much lower than at a different shop. Then, I was told it came in under estimate. To cap it off, they went the extra mile to fix an additional problem and made sure I left happy and with everything working well. Kudos to co-owner Scott and his staff. They are great people. And Sterling has earned a loyal customer. I really can't say enough good about them.

    Kristin Silverman


  • Honest and competent. These guys are great!! I have tried to find a shop in Burlington to fix my Audi that I felt comfortable leaving it. Finally I have!! These guys are low key and good at fixing cars. They fixed my check engine light with one visit (new concept for me) and told me to wait on my brake repair until spring. I really feel like they are not trying to squeeze every penny out of me!! Thanks guys, I'll be back.

    Anonymous Google Review


  • Polite, friendly, respectful, and managed to squeeze me in. I told Scott what I knew my car was doing and then told him what I needed fixed. He fixed what I asked him to fix and didn't try to scare me into repairs that aren't an emergency and I can't afford. He did remind me that I need an oil change soon, but didn't push it. Quick, friendly, affordable service and they didn't even move my seat!

    Blithe Milks


  • I had brought my Mercedes to two different mechanics, including the Mercedes Dealership, in an attempt to fix a chronic and progressive problem with my car. Fast forward 4 weeks, a few car rentals and $2700 later; it was still not fixed properly! Mechanic #2 was so stumped that he actually called Sterling Motorwerks to the rescuee. They tended to my vehicle immediately! Unlike the dealership which made me wait for 9 days before even diagnosing the problem……and mis-diagnosing at that. Quality Work, Quality Parts, Exceptional Customer Service at Honest & Reasonable Rates. What more can one ask for……. Thank You to Sterling Motorwerks!

    Martin D.


  • After spending lots of money chasing a problem elsewhere I was thankful to find you guys. Not only did you find the problem with my Subaru and fix it but it was painless. Thank you for your help and I will be back!

    Larry F.


  • Great job guys! My car runs like a top since you worked your magic.

    Rich A.


  • These guys are great! I haven't been treated with that much respect by a mechanic EVER!

    Leah W.

    South Burlington

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