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    Scott Leister


    Scott Leister, a native Vermonter, has been practicing the art of advanced vehicle diagnosis and repair since 1993. He is factory trained in both the Volkswagen and GM's Saturn brands. He has achieved top level status in training and performance for both brands as well as being an ASE certified Master Technician. A recent empty nester, Scott spends most of his free time skiing, sailing or burning up the roads of New England in his modified Mazda Miata. At work he has been focused mostly on business operations but can be found out and around the shop most every day.
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    Mike Dye


    Mike Dye was born in NYC and moved to VT in 1997. He started in the automotive field in 1993 and has been an ASE Master Technician since 1995 and Level 1 Advanced Engine Performance Certified since 1997. Mike has worked for Honda, Acura, Saturn, Volkswagen and Audi dealerships, as well as an independent Porsche specialist. He has completed over 125 Audi training courses and served as the Shop Foreman at the local Audi dealership. Mike won the prestigious Audi Technician Challenge, becoming the United States Champion in 2005. He has consistently been a top 20 North American Audi Technician since 2003.
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    Rob Schwartz


    Rob Schwartz has been a car enthusiast since his first Porsche Matchbox. He’s worked with cars in Vermont since selling the first-generation Audi TT and VW’s New Beetle when they first hit the market back before Y2K. Rob’s put hundreds of new Audis, Volkswagens and Hondas on Vermont’s highways and byways and couldn’t be happier than to be part of the team that keeps them out there.
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    Chad Denton


    A Vermont native and all-round nice guy, Chad Denton joined Sterling Motorwerks in the fall of 2013. He received his original automotive schooling at the Pennsylvania School of Automotive Mechanics. Since then he has amassed a formidable set of credentials on many brands including Saab, Volvo, Nissan, Infinity and Subaru. Chad is a true team player that really shines here at SMW and we are very lucky to have him on our staff.
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Sterling Motorwerks was founded in 2010 by Scott Leister and Mike Dye, two veterans of the Vermont automotive repair scene. Both are master certified by the Automotive Service Excellence organization and factory trained in Audi, Volkswagen and Saturn car lines. Their tenure in the dealership environment has taught them clearly what vermonters expect from a car repair facility.

Sterling Motorwerks puts the honesty and integrity back in the auto repair business. Mike and Scott take pride in being able to provide manufacturer specified levels of service for a fraction of the cost of the dealerships. Their diagnostic abilities and experience has earned the respect of other repair shops in the area as well as Audi of America in Mike's case. Mike was rated in the top ten Audi technicians nationwide in 2005 by AOA and holds the presigious R8 certification for service technicians. Sterling Motorwerks will provide you with the service you expect without the hassles you don't.