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At Sterling Motorwerks, our first priority is to keep you safe. If you are in need of emergency towing services, please contact Central Service Towing at (802) 651-0588.

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  • To those of you in the area who own Volkswagens or Audis: We had a crisis with our TDI last week and the VW dealer was telling us that we were looking at a massively expensive repair (we're talking around $5,000). Knowing that I could just be digging myself a deeper financial hole, I took a recommendation from a mechanic that I trust and paid $85 to have the car towed from the VW dealer to Sterling Motorwerks in S. Burlington. They got the car in within 24 hours, ran diagnostics, completed the work successfully and charged $285 (this included a quarter tank of Diesel). It's hard to find garages that you can trust but these guys, by simply being honest, earned a customer for the life of our VW and any future German cars that we own. I highly recommend using them.

    Alex Nief


  • Phenomenal customer service! I highly recommend Sterling. First off, let me say that I know almost nothing about cars. So I could easily be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous mechanic. But Sterling is more than just the good customer service of simply being fair and honest. They went above and beyond for me! First, the amount quoted for a recent repair was much lower than at a different shop. Then, I was told it came in under estimate. To cap it off, they went the extra mile to fix an additional problem and made sure I left happy and with everything working well. Kudos to co-owner Scott and his staff. They are great people. And Sterling has earned a loyal customer. I really can't say enough good about them.

    Kristin Silverman


  • Honest and competent. These guys are great!! I have tried to find a shop in Burlington to fix my Audi that I felt comfortable leaving it. Finally I have!! These guys are low key and good at fixing cars. They fixed my check engine light with one visit (new concept for me) and told me to wait on my brake repair until spring. I really feel like they are not trying to squeeze every penny out of me!! Thanks guys, I'll be back.

    Anonymous Google Review


  • Polite, friendly, respectful, and managed to squeeze me in. I told Scott what I knew my car was doing and then told him what I needed fixed. He fixed what I asked him to fix and didn't try to scare me into repairs that aren't an emergency and I can't afford. He did remind me that I need an oil change soon, but didn't push it. Quick, friendly, affordable service and they didn't even move my seat!

    Blithe Milks


  • I had brought my Mercedes to two different mechanics, including the Mercedes Dealership, in an attempt to fix a chronic and progressive problem with my car. Fast forward 4 weeks, a few car rentals and $2700 later; it was still not fixed properly! Mechanic #2 was so stumped that he actually called Sterling Motorwerks to the rescuee. They tended to my vehicle immediately! Unlike the dealership which made me wait for 9 days before even diagnosing the problem……and mis-diagnosing at that. Quality Work, Quality Parts, Exceptional Customer Service at Honest & Reasonable Rates. What more can one ask for……. Thank You to Sterling Motorwerks!

    Martin D.


  • After spending lots of money chasing a problem elsewhere I was thankful to find you guys. Not only did you find the problem with my Subaru and fix it but it was painless. Thank you for your help and I will be back!

    Larry F.


  • Great job guys! My car runs like a top since you worked your magic.

    Rich A.


  • These guys are great! I haven't been treated with that much respect by a mechanic EVER!

    Leah W.

    South Burlington

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